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Suggested Curriculum
Pre-literate Classes
The Light is Coming (Reading) Christian Literacy Associates The best reading curriculum I’ve found for those who do not read at all that can be used with an ESL textbook.  You can use this in combination with Foundations (pre-beginning-low-beginning) Longman or Crossroads (beginning-intermediate) Oxford 
Literacy Plus A and B (pre-literate-high intermediate) Longman
The best conversation and reading instruction combined that I’ve found.
Laubach Way to English (literacy-low intermediate) and Laubach Way to Reading
New Readers Press If you don’t like the two options above, using the two of these together is another option.
Basic Oxford Picture Dictionary Program (pre-literate) Oxford Has reproducible student pages.
Pre-beginner Literate Classes
Longman ESL Literacy (pre-beginning) Longman
Access (pre-beginning) Longman Used with students not ready to go into Side by Side Longman
Foundations (pre-beginning) Longman Used with students not ready to go into Side by Side Longman
Taking Off (pre-beginning) McGraw Hill Used with students who are not ready to go into All Star McGraw Hill
Beginner – Intermediate Literate Classes
All-Star (beginner-intermediate) McGraw Hill 4 levels
Crossroads (beginner-intermediate) Oxford 4 levels Another great all-skills program that begins on a lower level than Side by Side and All-Star and progresses a little slower so that you don’t have to begin in the Foundations book with Side by Side or Taking Off with  All-Star. Excellent for students with lower educational back rounds. *It also comes with a multilevel activity and resource binder which has worksheets that are reproducible for each lesson. The worksheets can be copied at the beginning of the semester and placed in a pocket folder with brads for students to use all semester. This is a wonderful resource for ESL apartment ministries, ministries that have more transience or those on a low budget.
Side by Side (beginner-intermediate) Longman 4 levels One of the best all-skills programs with a placement test which places students into the correct book.
Word by Word Teacher’s Resource Book and Activity Master with Word by Word Basic Picture Dictionary Longman 
Great for apartment ministries and mission trips because of the reproducible activity sheets and many activities.
English Lessons I and English Lessons II  (mid beginner) The North American Mission Board’s Bible based curriculum. If you want to teach the Bible more fully and ESL, this is the best series to use. You must be diligent to make the dialogue relevant to everyday life.
Survival Classes
Ready to Go Series Longman  4 level
Bibles and Biblical Material
Holy Bible, New Life Version- Christian Literature International- uses 850 words
Holy Bible, New International Readers Version- International Bible Society- third grade reading level.
Holy Bible, Contemporary English Version- American Bible Society- 5.4 reading level.
Window to the World: Teaching ESOL- Jesus Project: Campus Crusade for Christ The Jesus video, teaching notes and reproducible masters for the film.
Culture Grams- Excellent pamphlet resource with an overview of each country, at Culture Grams.
Intercultural Press, Inc. books on individual countries, at Intercultural Press.
Gestures, the Do’s and Taboos of Body Language Around the World-
 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Can be found on Amazon.
Reaching the World in Our Own Backyard- Great book on cross cultural ministry with people from more than 50 countries Can be found on Amazon.
A Beginner’s Guide to Crossing Cultures: Making Friends in a Multi-Cultural World-
Inter Varsity Press Patty Lane gives practical suggestions about building relationships
The Basic Oxford Picture Dictionary Oxford
The Oxford Picture Dictionary Oxford
Word by Word Basic Picture Dictionary Longman
Word by Word Picture Dictionary Longman

Activity Books
Zero Prep and Zero Prep for Beginners May be purchased through Alta.
Classic Classroom Activities (The Oxford Picture Dictionary Program) Oxford
Azar Grammar Series (Beginner-Advanced) Pearson/Longman- I think this is still the best grammar series to use after your students finish a multilevel conversation book.
Focus on Grammar (Introductory- Advanced) Pearson/Longman
Grammar Sense ( High Beginner-Advanced)  Oxford

Hope Literacy Inc | Executive Director: Harry Wilson | Phone 817.999.9357