Teachers and Stats: 2010-2016

In 2010-2011 we had 266 students, counting children, enrolled in the fall with more new students in the spring. That year we had 30-35 volunteers each week, including the teachers.  That year we had a larger than average turnover.  The new teachers in the fall were:  Julie Howell (BB), Penny Sue Hopkins (2), Susan Scherer (3), & Mike Beard (4).  Ted Graham oversaw New Student Orientation.  Then in the spring came more new teachers:  Larry Phillips (B), Paula Guerrero (1), Amy Eversole (2), & Lauri Brown (New Student Orientation).

In the fall of 2011 we had 178 adults & 16 children enrolled in ESL classes & 5 enrolled in citizenship. In the spring of 2012 we had 26 more students enrolled.  Sharon Ladd began teaching Level 2 & Luke Cavo began teaching the children.  All the other teachers from the preceding year returned.

In the fall of 2014 our enrollment grew to 357. Our teachers were Kelly Moatts (BB), Larry Phillips (B), Paula Guerrera (1), Tammy Martinez (2), Kyle Brown (3), Mike Beard (4), Sue Vaughn (5), and Nancy Maddox (citizenship).  Several of our classes were full to overflowing.  For example, Level BB had 51 on its rolls, Level 2 had 43, & Level 3 had 73.  Nearly all teachers had at least one assistant with two or three in the larger classes.  That was the year we decided it was best to separate the young people and children from the adults, so a separate class for youth was started, taught by Celisse Rodriguez that first year.  Sharon Ladd and Tom Neill became the children's teachers. Sharon had 80 children enrolled that fall. 

In the fall of 2015 we had 335 students enrolled. There were more changes than usual among the teachers. Hope Shukers, who had retired, returned to teach BB, Jerry Jones taught Level 1; Andrew Moore, Level 2; Darby Gilliam replaced Mike Beard in Level 4, & Mike began co-teaching citizenship with Nancy Maddox.  We had several volunteers, John & Heidi Salinas, Dan & Margie Potter, John Crews, and Daniel Irizarry working with the youth. Sharon Ladd and Tom Neill continued to teach the children, but the classes were now divided according to age; Sharon had children ages 5-8, and Tom taught ages 9-11.  In the spring of 2016, very few teachers changed.  Karin Nelson replaced Jerry Jones in Level 1, and Dan & Margie obeyed God's call to sell everything and move to Hawaii to do mission work on Maui.

In addition, another class was added. We had had requests for a GED class for several years, but nothing was done.  That fall several students wanted a GED class and we learned that one of our volunteers, Jim Gilliam, Darby's husband, was qualified to teach it.  In February he began teaching the class with a beginning enrollment of 6.  Later in the semester Sherry & Joe Critz joined him as assistants.  This class was discontinued the fall of 2017 because of lack of enrollment.

For several years all of our volunteers were members of Southcliff Church, but along the way, people from other churches began asking if they could be part of our ministry, and the answer was yes, as long as they were Christians.  However, the overwhelming majority of our volunteers have belonged to Southcliff.


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