Bafraw’s Story

My name means "cold water" in Kurdish. Three words that describe me are flexible, curious, and friendly.  I'm from the north part of Iraq.  I lived in a big city with my family.  I will never forget my neighborhood.  When I was a child, I was always playing, talking, eating together with my friends.  We would even go to the market with my mom, my friend, and her mom.  In Iraq most all of the families are close together like this.

I'm married. I have my adorable daughter.  Her name is Lewa, and she is six years old.  My little active handsome son is three years old.  His name is Besha. The biggest and best thing was God giving to me my beautiful family and my great husband.  I always say, "Thank you, God, for Your perfect present to me."

I graduated 2005 from a university. I got bachelor degree in college of English language department.  I was teaching English in Iraq.  My husband worked for two years as a dog handler with USA company in Baghdad.  After that he was working in a oil refinery as a team leader.  Because of working for U.S. company, he had legal papers, so we travelled from Iraq to USA. 

We thought that life in America would be very easy, just like the life in paradise. Unfortunately, when we came to live here, it was very, very hard and tough, especially for my family who was the first Kurdish family in our apartments.  At first nobody wanted to help us, even our agency wouldn't come to our house.  They told me to call if we needed anything, but they never answered our texts.  We were new, and we didn't know where the market was for shopping, and my little son needed milk.  But Ashley from Southcliff Church came to see us, and I asked her to help us for shopping.  I always joked with her and said, "You are my agency because you help us."  Sue and June also came to see us.  Ashley and these friends were just like angels to me.  Ashley is gone now and I really miss her.  Still she is my best friend in my heart.

Me and my husband decided the first thing, which was very important, was for us to get driver license. We passed on the first test and got our license; then we bought a car.  My husband got a job working at a electronic company, but really life in USA is very difficult.  My husband spends more time on the job to get more money just to support our family.

Every Tuesday I look forward to go to Southcliff Church to ESL class. This is the place I have many kind friends.  Let me tell you something really true, we can't leave Fountains Apartments because of this church.  Southcliff Church full of peace, beauty, friendly, adorable, most of them my friends.  I have another friend now I met at ESL.  Her name is Liz, and she comes to my home and helps my kids and gives me things for my house and helps me with English.  Danielle and other women have kind hearts and help me with paper work.  Others call me just to hang out.  This year, another friend from a different church named Mrs. Cherry invited my family for Thanksgiving dinner and Mrs. Linne Be for Christmas Eve.  Some of American families always invited us to their homes.  We also have American friends, Mie and Becca, and I have Brazilian friend so close to us also.

I want to tell you something else true. I'm Muslim, but I understand that religion never would become obstacle between me and my Christian friends.  My Christian friends day by day become more and more to me.  Really, I love them.  We are all human beings and we need each other.  One of the great things I feel in USA, you can practice any religion you want.  That means freedom of religion.

I have a lot of dreams in my mind. One of my dreams is I wish I could become an interpreter to help other families.  Sometimes I have helped families who speak the Arabic language, but my first language is Kurdish.  Sometimes I have hesitation and feel sadness, but finally I tell myself it is better here than our country for the future of my kids, even for myself.  Here we are safe more than in our country. 

Bafraw's Family--New Arrivals to America Guests at Liz & John's 50th Anniversary
Saying Her Memory Verse to Carmen  Advanced English Classmates
Bafraw and Her Children at Christmas Time   Dressed Up for Christmas at Cowtown




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