Ahmed's Story

I am from Iraq.  I have two sisters and one brother, and my father and mother.  I am 22 years old.  My mother and my younger brother and one sister and I all live in Fort Worth.  I also have sister in U.S. Army.  We came to U.S. in October 2013.  I have good father, living in Lebanon.  He didn't come with us.

When I was a boy, a lot of times we left Iraq.  A lot of things bad happen in my country.  We went to Syria for almost four years.  Very bad things in Syria, just like Iraq, so we come back to Iraq.  Then we went to Jordan, maybe for three months, then back to Iraq.  Then we go to Lebanon for one year.  Then we came to America.

I only went to middle school. I couldn't go to school because of danger.  I just stayed at home.  I didn't go to school here, but now I take GED classes.  I want to get my GED, then join the army, like my sister.  When I talk to my sister, I feel proud.  I also take citizenship class because I want to live in America, never leave America. America is my dream.

Ahmed and His Mother Studying Their Citizenship Lesson  




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