Faieqa’s Story


(Note: She told me her story in an interview.  I chose to keep it as she told it to me because it reflects both her ability to communicate and her struggle with English grammar.  Irregular verb tenses are not easy to learn.)


I born in Baghdad 1st July 1949.  I have my mom, my dad, eight brothers and two sisters.  I’m the last one.  My father sell cigarettes in a shop to take care of family.


In high school I was the best student in class. I played volleyball, basketball, handball, and ran 100 meter race.  After college I be a physical education teacher in high school.  Then I became head master at a girls’ school.  Altogether it was 35 years.


I married in l982. After college he was a mechanic for cars.  We have three sons.  The oldest in U.S, the middle in Iraq, and youngest here.  The young son teaches English and his wife teaches Arabic in school for Muslims in Richardson.  My husband came to U.S. in 2012 and came  to Fort Worth to live.  My oldest son and his family and I came in 2015.  We came to U.S. because in Baghdad fight, fight, fight.  We went to Syria for one year.  Then we applied to come to U.S. It took five years before we got here.


My friend told me about ESL at this church. Last year I come.  I was in Level 3.  The grammar helped me learn English.  The teachers behaved in nice way to us.  This year I’m taking citizenship class to know the questions for the test.  I want to take citizenship test at beginning of next year.  My oldest son will take test before me. 


I love America and American people.  In America we have free life, safe life.  We can work.  My husband work.  My son and daughter-in-law work.  My oldest son work in construction.  I am good here.  My only wish is for my other son and his family to come to America.

 Faieqa and Her Daughter-In-Law  Darla and Faieqa



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