Reasons for Our Success

Who or what is responsible for our large, successful ministry? First of all, we know God is responsible for initiating the program, and for building it year by year, gradually adding the necessary balance of teachers and students.  It has been built on a foundation of prayer and faithful volunteers who sense a calling to this ministry.  We serve without pay because we love the Lord Jesus and we love the people who come with a desire to learn English. We also recognize the absolute necessity of having dedicated volunteers who work with the children.  We know too that the support of Southcliff's staff, especially that of our share pastor, Stu Cocanougher, and the church's financial commitment to our ESL program, cannot be underestimated.   We volunteers believe that God has uniquely placed our church in the middle of a mission field, a location where we can make a difference in people's lives--and we want to be part of it.



Hope Literacy Inc | Executive Director: Harry Wilson | Phone 817.999.9357