Importance of Committed Volunteers

As I mentioned earlier, one of the reasons that our ESL has succeeded when others have struggled is the number of volunteers who have served as teachers or in other capacities year after year.  I believe the big majority of our volunteers view ESL as a calling from God and serve joyfully and faithfully.  For that reason we have had small turnovers from year to year. Rather than list the names of the main teachers for each semester, I'm going to name only the new teachers as they came on board.  First of all, John Spear has been the only director we have ever had.  Because of his enthusiasm, dedication, and faithfulness, we have had  stability year after year.

In the fall of 2009 we added a lower level than B for new students whose vocabulary consisted of hello, goodbye, and thank you, etc., which we called BB (Before Beginner). We also added a Level 5 for students who were already quite fluent in English, many of whom had gone through the textbook for Level 4.  We had to go to another series of books for the Level 5 class. We also added two new teachers that year.   In 2009-2010 the main teachers of each level were Becky Sauceda (BB), Anna Hurley (B),  Hope Shukers (1), Shawndee Edenfield (2), Betty Washburn (3), Ted Graham (4),  Sue Vaughn (5) & Nancy Maddox (citizenship).  In the spring semester of 2010 Amanda Hayes replaced Betty Washburn.  That year we tried something new during break time.  Hubert, Shawndee's husband who was a seminary student, used chronological Bible storying to read or tell Bible stories from the Old Testament in the fall, then stories about Jesus in the spring.



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