Changes in Traditions

One tradition we began the first year of ESL was giving baby showers to expectant mothers. We gave our first shower in 2003 to a young mother who had almost nothing for her baby.  We gave showers for other mothers-to-be until the showers had to be discontinued because of the numerous students attending.  We gave our last baby shower in May, 2009.  After that, it was up to the individual teachers and classes to celebrate new babies. 

   Baby Showers:  An American Tradition & a New Experience for International Mothers-to-be

However, we began another tradition after our move. Since we do not have ESL classes during the summer, we began having family fun nights during the summer as a means of staying connected with our students.  We quit calling them "family" fun nights when one of our students told John she didn't come because she didn't have a family.  There are no lessons, just food, fun, and games, which all ages enjoy.  It is fun to watch Muslim women in their long dresses participating in relay races!  Teams might have members ranging in age from 3 to 73 and speaking almost no English to fluent English.  Challenging teamwork and a fun way to learn new words!


Oh, what fun we had!





Oh, what fun we had!



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