Break Time: Music, Drawing for Prizes, Scripture Cards

With the move to our new location came other positive changes. We had two large screens and could use a computer to put Bible verses, words to songs, often including illustrations, announcements, etc. where everyone could see them.  We also now had a piano and sound system, so we could have music at break time.  We usually sing simple praise songs, sometimes children's songs, even ones that I sang as a child.  Remember "Deep and Wide" and "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" with all the motions?  One of our students' favorite songs is "Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelujah." The leader divides the room into the "hallelus" and the "praise the Lords," and students love the standing and sitting actions as they sing that song.  In fact, I find it amusing and amazing to watch adults from different religions and numerous nations joining in singing praises to God.  I think He gets a kick out of it too.  We've had several people involved in our music.   Mike Beard has been involved the longest period of time, both as song leader and as pianist.  A couple of years ago Clay and Pam Young led the music and Mike played.  This past year Mike and David Thorn led, with Suzanne Godby at the piano.  It has added life and excitement to our program. 

After the music, John draws names of students who have memorized the scripture from the previous week from three groups: adults, youth, and children.  The winner in each group receives a prize from items which have been donated.  Students look forward to this time.  Then new scripture cards are handed out by volunteers.  John always closes our break time with a prayer.  When we first had such a large group, there were some students who continued to visit during the prayer.  John asked volunteers to sit at tables with the students and make sure they understood they were to hush during prayer time.  That, plus John simply waiting until it is quiet, has brought a sense of reverence to the room during prayers.




Singing Praises to the LORD

with Mike & David


 "Hi!  I'm Mike!"    


 Richard Showing Orin the Night's Schedule  Suzanne Playing The Piano

Drawing Names for Prizes

Winning a Prize for Memorizing Scriptures


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