The History of Southcliff Church ESL

By Sue Vaughn


When I told my son that I was writing the history of our Southcliff ESL as a blog, he told me, “Mom, you can’t do that,” knowing how limited my technological knowledge and skills are. “It’s complex.  You don’t know how to set up a blog.”  He was right, and I knew it, but I also knew that God had given me this assignment.  I told God that He would have to provide someone to help me with the technology if He wanted me to do a blog, and He did.  Two men, along with the Kades, a neighbor family who acted as my "personal geek squad," provided the help I needed.  Both of these men are my friends, both are involved in ESL, and both are technologically savvy.  The first, Harry Wilson, the director of Hope Literacy, gave advice on setting up the blog and provided the website for us to use.  The second, John Spear, the first and only director our Southcliff ESL has had, had the expertise necessary to take the story and pictures I provided and turn them into a blog, willingly donating hours of his time.  I am deeply grateful to Harry and John.  If not for them, you would not be reading this now.  It would still be a document saved on my computer.

Thanks to God, He not only gave me the inspiration to write the story of our ESL; He gave me the help I had to have to see it to completion.




My thanks to Harry and John

for helping to make this blog happen 

Hope Literacy Inc | Executive Director: Harry Wilson | Phone 817.999.9357